How to get to Futrono

How get by vehicle

From Santiago (895 km) Take the South Route 5 to Los Lagos, turn the southeast through the Route T-39 and then go south to Route T-55, which takes you to the Futrono district. From Valdivia (100 km) Take Route 206, then the Route T-615 to Reumén; go south on Route T-625 to Santa Laura. From there, take the Route T-55 and pass through Nontuelá to get to Futrono.

How to get by bus

The bus service in Chile has a wide range of national, regional and intercity buses that can bring you either to Futrono or Valdivia. In Valdivia you can travel to Futrono from the bus terminal taking the buses that leave the city almost every 30 minutes (Monday-Friday). The trip takes normally no longer than 2 hours.

How to get by airplane

The closest airport to Futrono is called Pichoy (ZAL) which is located in Valdivia city. At this airport operate the following flight companies: LATAM, SKY Airlines, Jet Smart and Interjet. It is located in the Mariquina district, 23 km northwest from Valdivia.

How get cross borderr

Hua Hum Pass You can get to Hua Hum Pass from Futrono using Route T-55 Northwest, taking the northeast exit before Los Lagos on Route T-39, heading to Panguipulli. Then again to the northeast on the Route 203, take the southbound exit through the same route to Puerto Fuy. Once there, you have to cross the Pirihueico Lake by raft (it takes about 90 minutes). On the other side of the lake, in Puerto Pirihueico, you are only 11,4 km away from the Hua Hum Pass.

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