Sobre Futrono

To the northeast side of Ranco Lake, in Los Ríos Region, it is located the idyllic town of Futrono (tierra de humos), nestled in a mountainous environment surrounded by a native green forest, typical of the Valdivian ecoregion, with a heavenly view of Lake Ranco. We invite you to discover and enjoy Futrono, which stands out for being a place of scenic beauty and surprising places, with majestic mountains, thermal areas, beaches, lakes and crystalline rivers. Where you can enjoy a wide range of experiences, whether in nature doing trekking, hiking, sport fishing, water sports, horseback riding, among other activities to recreate and disconnect from the routine. Futrono is also inserted in the Scenic Route Lagos & Volcanoes, which runs through the territories of the Araucanía, Los Ríos and Los Lagos region. Unique places await you, with a foothills territory, where they blend in with the beauty of the lakes; Maihue and Ranco, which act as a mirror in front of the imposing hills Huequecura, Llifén and Toribio. Sports fishing lovers covet the waters of the rivers; Calcurrupe, Caunahue, Blanco and Hueinahue, being the perfect setting for a fishing day. Its crystalline waters host species such as rainbow trout, fario, Chinook salmon and coho. Allowing different fishing modalities, highlighting trawling, launching (spinning) and fly fishing.

Spas such as Coique Bay and Huequecura Bay hope for you to enjoy and relax in the sun or under the crystal clear waters of the Ranco, visited by miles of tourists every year. The magical Huapi Island located in the center of Lake Ranco, inhabited by Mapuche Huilliche communities, who preserve traditions and lifestyles of these native peoples, invite to know and enjoy their culture through ventures and activities recharged with ethnic value. The arrival of winter implies a tourist offer linked to the hot springs present in the area, accompanied by the evergreen forests and mountain ranges bathed in snow.

Historia de Futrono

Futronhué (land of smoke), is where the name Futrono comes from, Mapudungun Huilliche. It was officially founded on July 12, 1941 by mandate of President Pedro Aguirre Cerda; However, its rich history begins a few centuries ago. Before colonization, it was inhabited by the Mapuche Huilliche communities, who were located in the valleys and according to official histography, the name refers to the customs of making great bonfires in the Trin-Trin lace, in order to ask for a ferry to Huapi Island. Only 101 kilometres distant from the city of Valdivia, Futrono was the intermediate point of the footprint that led to the interior of the mountain range, which through the Chihuío valley connected with the Argentine Patagonia. Along with this old footprint, the first Chilean settlers would be installed who, attracted by the quantity and excellence of the wood from the nearby forests, would begin the definitive settlement of this region, transforming it into a shipping port of the timber production of the north bank of the Ranco Through steamboats, the products of the area were taken to Puerto Nuevo and from there to La Unión to be transferred to various cities in Chile.