Adventure Tourism


One of the most impressive and relevant attractions are the hills close to the localities, either for its visual appeal to visitors, as well as for the importance of delivering its unique appearance to the different locations in the sector. Cerro Llifén and Cerro Huequecura are clear examples, because whose slopes gradually give way to the urban structure of the town of Llifén.

Cerro Pumol, the closest to Futrono, emerges as a place for horseback riding within a rugged landscape in the middle of the mountain range, with incredible panoramic views of both the mountain range and the turquoise waters of Ranco. Together with the story of local history, they result in a unique and unrepeatable experience.
Cerro La Trafa is ideal for outdoor sports, such as hiking and trekking, in addition to the privileged panoramic views of Lake Ranco and its more than 13 islands.

On Huapi Island, the Treng - Treng Hill emerges as the highest point, where you can enjoy a privileged view of the entire Ranco Lake. In addition, the legend tells that in ancient times, “Kai - Kai, the sea snake, woke up from his long sleep in the depths. Then the waters rose and the rains appeared without stopping. The mountains near the riverbank were also under water. The Mapuches then fled seeking refuge in the highlands. Consequently, Treng - Treng, the earth snake came to help the men, who obeyed and settled in it. ” That story, still told by the old leaders of the Mapuche community of Huapi Island, gives visitors the greatest interest in front of the mythical hill.