Adventure Tourism

Horseback riding

Come and connect directly with your new partner, the horse. Live the experience of riding on amazing landscapes, where you can breathe fresh air and connect with your new friend.
Feel your heartbeat to the sound of your horse's heartbeat. Trot quietly or climb your adrenaline galloping.
Walking trails, hills and gorges on the back of an equine is one of the great pleasures you can enjoy in southern Chile.

Within the destination there are short and short-lived horse rides, ideal for a family afternoon accompanied by the smallest, as well as more extensive horseback riding, with greater degrees of difficulty, entering the pre-mountain range, discovering lakes and lagoons between native forests , even reaching the base of the Mocho Choshuenco volcano glacier.

The large amount of natural resources present makes your adventure a unique experience, with lakes and pristine landscapes, bordering rivers inserted in nature on the slopes of the Andes Mountains.


Bring equipment according to the activity, such as comfortable clothes, pants and shoes, as well as shelter due to the climatic conditions of the territory.
Hydration and sun protection.

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