Adventure Tourism


Come and discover every corner sailing on your Kayak, spend your energy playing sports, fight and move forward until you achieve what you are looking for. Release your tensions, let the swell displace you and above all, let your interior clear while being in the clear water, either alone, accompanied by friends or family, it is only a matter of cheering and taking the oars. And remember that each adventure is different from the previous one.

Thanks to the amount of torrents and abundant lakes, kayaking adventures are a must if you intend to visit the town of Futrono, where throughout the adventure you will be in direct contact with nature, its flora and fauna. Expeditions starting at Lake Maihue ending at Ranco, are one of the many crossings present.
Dare with the Calcurrupe River, ideal for a family outlook, it will surprise you with its crystalline waters in its 12 km extension, you will always be surrounded by abundant vegetation and beautiful snow-capped mountains will colorize and contrast your adventure downstream.

Be dazzled by the present views, the evergreen landscapes, between mountains and waterfalls, memories that will undoubtedly make your passage through this beautiful commune unforgettable.


Bringing comfortable clothes for the activity, getting wet with the waters is one of the many experiences of kayaking, as well as protection from the sun.

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