Adventure Tourism

Lakes and Rivers, Futrono

Ranco Lake

Listed as one of the most beautiful lakes and crystalline waters of southern Chile, where the natural environment welcomes and falls in love with each visitor who decides to explore its landscapes. Being the third largest lake in the country, with 442 km2, it houses a large number of tourist activities and activities, such as adventure tourism, where in Lake Ranco you will find an ideal place to visit, as well as an infinite number of beaches , so that the visitor immerses himself and enjoys the warm summer sun.
The ideal characteristics present in the lake for the practice of nautical sports arise as one of the main motivations of travel.

Maihue Lake

Hidden between the mountains of the Cordillera de los Andes and hills of virgin native forests is Lake Maihue, lake of glacial origin, 60 kilometers from the town of Futrono, covering an area of ​​46 km². Giving rise to one of the most impressive attractions of the territory, for the unique scenic beauty and history that this place tells. The "drinking jar" meaning of its name in Mapudungun, presents completely transparent waters with greenish blue tones, which, together with the imposing steep view of the mountain range and its endemic forests, form a sublime landscape and environment for the visitor. Be silent and stay tuned to observe the fauna present in the place, gray foxes, coipos, black woodpeckers, among others.


A large number of rivers are those that form and shape the landscape around the whole area, connecting lakes, giving life and opportunities to different activities of all kinds, adventure tourism, rafting, kayaking, sport fishing, the latter activity attracts immense Number of lovers of this sport. The rivers Calcurrupe, Hueinahue, Caunahue, are the main suppliers for the practice of this sport, being shelter for species such as rainbow trout and Fario. The first, the Calcurrupe stream, is the one of greatest attraction for recreational fishing being praised by tourists nationally and internationally for their species and fishing through fly fishing.