Adventure Tourism


Come and link with nature in its maximum splendor, disconnect from the routine to connect with the environment, where adventures will be born that will remain in the memory for life. Get to know Futrono and its surrounding areas, suitable places for excursions, for all ages and for all tastes. Do not stay without activating the senses and living the experience outdoors.

An expanded amalgam of trails, walks and excursions await your arrival, where you can appreciate and enjoy the most pristine nature and its surroundings, a thousand different landscapes you will find.

From short walks, to enjoy with family, with children, to more durable excursions and with greater difficulty levels. But without a doubt, each of them will leave you more than satisfied, where the native flora and fauna receives you so that you can appreciate within a natural environment.

Whether it is the destination or the trip, paradisiacal landscapes, views and torrents are those who wait for you, head towards the mountain or towards a lake, the surroundings of Futrono have what you are looking for.


As a municipality of Futrono we defend the conservation of nature and its natural resources, that is why we implore respect for the area defined by the path and respect the relevant signage.
Bring equipment and clothing necessary to make your experience the most incredible; comfortable clothes and coat, depending on the area to visit. In addition to sunscreen and complementary equipment (canes).

Service providers

Empresa Fono Email
Aventura Sport 964036249 - 9 50497302 [email protected]
Fundo Chollinco 9 88163256 [email protected]
Parque Futangue 9 51970972 [email protected]
Centro Campestre Mavidahue 9 96450596 [email protected]
Parque Huishue 9 44680737 [email protected]
Parque Ilihue 9 84843335 – 9 59411728 [email protected]