Cultural tourism

Huapi Island

Inserted in the northern center of Lake Ranco, the imposing Huapi Island emerges, where past and present converge to discover the history behind the Mapuche - Huilliche ethnic group. Preserving its ancestral Huilliches traditions, it is presented as one of the most important tourist attractions of the territory, where the landscape beauty meets the cultural richness of the present ethnic group.

The island's community presents different lifestyles, from the production of handicrafts in sheep's wool, wood carvings and basketry. Until the cultivation of products from the land as an alternative present in the territory, from peas, lettuce, tomatoes and other fruits, all arranged by and for the visitor. Locality proud of its origins and its traditions, willing to exhibit and teach their customs, beliefs and lifestyles.

To enter and live the experience in Huapi Island, a trip through the Ranco of approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour is necessary, via barge that sails from Puerto Futrono towards Huapi Island, maintaining a constant connection in the daily summer season and return.

In summer, the costumbristas fairs emerge to enjoy all the culture in its maximum splendor, from typical foods, crafts and, in addition, traditional costumes. On the other hand, different are the attractive points present on the island associated with activities, such as horse or cart excursions, boating, etc.

Main attractives

Fucha Winka: Place of volcanic caves, whose transit allows to know the fate of the visitor. It was the hiding place of the islanders during periods of colonization.

The Weichafe caves: Is an ancestral Huilliche refuge, where they protected themselves in the fight against the white man.

Piuke Lafquen Fair: Local customs fair that attends the summer season where you can enjoy the cuisine and delicious local dishes.