Cultural tourism


A place to rest and enjoy

Llifén is located about 20 kilometers from the commune of Futrono, being a mountain village of paradisiacal landscapes, in addition to the warmth and hospitality of its people towards tourists. Locality backed by the imposing Huequecura hill, which delivers spectacular and dreamlike beauty.

Due to its scenic beauty, it is that there are various activities that allow you to be in direct contact with nature and the environment, being the main sport fishing center in the sector, either inside the lake or in the nearby rivers of Caunahue and Calcurrupe Horseback riding, shore excursions, boat or cart rides, are one of the many activities that can be done in this town.

Main attractives

Termas de Llifén, Chihuio and Cerrillos: The hot springs are one of the most coveted destinations requested by tourists year after year, presenting temperatures above 25 ° C ideal for generating a space of relaxation and rest. Hydrotherapy emerges as a natural treatment to cure and produce feelings of well-being in every part of the body.
Sport fishing: The Calcurrupe and Caunahue rivers are chosen at the time of fly fishing. From the beginning of the Calcurrupe River on Lake Maihue, it is possible to enter floats and enjoy sport fishing until it reaches the Ranco.
Gastronomy: A fusion between traditional Chilean cuisine and Mapuche cuisine inserted in a warm family atmosphere, is what you can not miss in your adventure through Llifén, where you can enjoy and delight your palate tasting the purest food in the area.
Huequecura Beach: Inserted in a paradise landscape, the Huequecura beach with its 400 meters in length arises, presenting itself as a space to enjoy and appreciate the views of the Ranco, swim in its crystalline waters and enjoy the afternoon in the sun.