Cultural tourism


Mirror Lake Place

The town of Maihue emerges as a resting place, located on the shore of Lake Maihue, a body of transparent waters and dreamlike landscapes.
Hidden between the mountains of the Cordillera de los Andes and hills of virgin native forests is Lake Maihue, lake of glacial origin, 60 kilometers from the town of Futrono, covering an area of ​​46 km². Giving rise to one of the most impressive attractions of the territory, for the unique scenic beauty and history that this place tells. The "drinking jar" meaning of its name in Mapudungun, presents completely transparent waters with greenish blue hues, which, together with the imposing steep view of the mountain range and its endemic forests, form an idyllic landscape and environment for the visitor.
Be silent and stay tuned to observe the fauna present in the place, gray foxes, coipos, black woodpeckers, etc. Dazzle yourself with the flora, from coigües, larches, tepa and mañío.
White sand beaches, calm waves and its temperature of 19.5 ° C in summer, makes an ideal space for the visit and to enjoy with the family. Further. Sport fishing emerges as one of the main and favorite activities for many. Trekking, kayaking, rowing, mountaineering, etc. they are other of the many activities present in the territory.

Main attractives

Maihue Lake
Maihue Church
Rivers Hueinahue and Caicayén
Maqui Route
Barge from Maqueo
Chihuio Hot Springs