How to get to Futrono

Border crossings

It is accessed by the T-55 route to the northwest that goes from Futrono to Los Lagos - continuing along the T-39 route Los Lagos - Panguipulli and from this city you continue along the CH-203 International Route that goes from Panguipulli to Puerto Fuy . From Puerto Fuy, you must take a ferry and navigate the Pirehueico lake to Puerto Pirehueico (approx. 90 minutes), to continue to San Martin de Los Andes for approximately 49 kilometers per route in good conditions.
This step remains open all year because it is one of the circuits located at a lower height in this area of the country, only 649 meters above sea level, and is accessible to all types of vehicles.

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Attention Hours (Chilean time): 08:00 AM - 20:00 PM

Hua Hum Barge Reserves
Phone: 942773450
E-mail: [email protected]

It is accessed by the T-55 route to the northwest that goes from Futrono to Los Lagos - continuing on the route T - 39 Los Lagos - Panguipulli and from this city continue for 10 kms approximately until the crossing that goes to Choshuenco, continue north along the northeast shore of Lake Calafquén by 28 until reaching Coñaripe, continue until you reach Lican Ray city and then Villarica, from there bordered the lake in around 27 km until arriving at Pucón, leaving from Pucón by the International Route CH - 199 until arriving at Curarrehue and from here to the international Mamuil Malal pass. From the border and only 96 km. Approximately access to the Argentina Route No. 40 towards the town of Junín de Los Andes - south San Martin and Bariloche and north Zapala - Neuquén.
This step is kept open all year at only 1,210 meters above sea level, it is a completely paved road and accessible for all types of vehicles. In winter you must use chains.
Customs office hours in summer are from 08:00 AM - 20:00 PM and in winter from 08:00 AM - 19:00 PM

Another faster access route to reach the Mamuil Malal international pass is to exit Route 5 from Futrono you pass Reumén or Los Lagos and take north and continue for 140 Kms. Approximately until the last link Loncoche that goes to Villarrica - Pucón

It is accessed by the T-55 route to the northwest that goes from Futrono to the Puerto Nuevo Coique junction for 28 kms. Following the Interlagos route, bypassing Lake Ranco by the west, continue for 4 kms from Puerto Nuevo to the crossing that leads to the old Balseo of Puerto Lapi, Ranco Lake, take the route until arriving at Ignao and from here to Cayurruca, continue towards South to Trapi - Cruise and continue along the Interlagos Route to Lake Puyehue to the city of Entre Lagos, here you take the International Route CH - 215 that leads to the Cardinal Samoré International Pass ex Puyehue Pass to 71 kms, until you reach the limit border from here at 35 kms. Approximately access to Villa La Angostura - Route 7 Lagos (San Martin de Los Andes) or Bariloche 158 km. Of the border
Border crossing enabled for all types of vehicles, has an asphalted route and the mandatory carrying of chains is required during the winter. Open every day.

Attention Hours (Chilean time), the passage opens according to the weather conditions: 09:00 AM - 16:00 PM