Recreational Fishing

Come and find peace on a boat or boat, where the fullness of the river will create the perfect setting to catch a trout or a salmon, where the sounds of nature will accompany the adventure from the beginning to the end, with sun or rain, the moment will be overflowing.

Río Calcurrupe

Located 3 kilometers from the town of Llifén, connecting the Maihue and Ranco lakes, it offers a wide variety of landscapes in its 12 kilometers, being the torrent of excellence for recreational fishing at national and international level.

It is a protected and navigable river throughout its extension, ideal for "fly fishing", exclusively with capture and return. This condition allows you to have one of the best fisheries in southern Chile, where you can find Farios, Rainbow and Perch trout, in addition to the renowned Chinook salmon.
You can hire the boat service with guide included for a fishing excursion. During the descent you will contemplate the paradisiacal nature and enjoy the crystalline waters until the mouth of Lake Ranco.
In spring and mid-February the process of spawning of Pacific salmon begins, being the Chinook or King (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), the most recognized, being able to find specimens of up to 17 kilos.
Coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) is also present, both are anadromous, that is, they are born in the crystalline mountain streams and subsequently migrate to the sea to return massively to spawn and die.

Río Hueinahue

Tributary from the border with Argentina, possessor of the purest and crystalline waters, where there is a great abundance of small rainbow trouts, in addition to some Farios in their wells.
It flows into Lake Maihue where you can easily access from Hueinahue beach.
In the surroundings you can find accommodation and food services with a characteristic mountain range stamp.

Río Hueinahue

Where it is possible to do sport fishing on the river bank, where the largest source of rainbow trout is presented, attracting a large number of visitors.
You can currently

Lago Huishue

Cordilleran lake inserted in the middle of nature, nestled at the foot of the mountains of the Andes, recognized for the size and abundance of Rainbow and Fario trouts. It is located in the Huishue Private Park, so you must cancel an entry, however this condition allows you to maintain an abundance and size and quantity of species.


  • Promoting the conservation of the captured specimens, it is recalled that the practice of this sport is fishing with return or catch and release, returning the fish to its natural environment, respecting nature, allowing to have unique experiences based on a sustainable activity.
  • You must obtain your License which allows you to perform this sport, granted by the National Fisheries Service, you can buy it online at or at the regional address of SERNAPESCA in Valdivia.
  • The Salmonids season begins on the second Friday of November until the first Sunday of May.

In the commune there is the "Futrono Fishing, Hunting and Launching Club", who have been working as an organization since March 1973, carrying out important actions with the objective of caring for and preserving salmonid species, caring for the environment and maintaining the water courses of the pollution free basin. As a group they carry out sport fishing championships, recognized at regional and national level.
In the town of Llifén, there is the Association of Boteros, Recreational Activities and Sport Fishing of Llifén, who provide the services of fishing guides, excursions, boat trips and kayaking. Most of the members of this organization have updated courses in recreational fishing, first aid and rescue in white waters.
The most recognized route is the descent of the Calcurrupe River, from the Puerto Los Llolles sector to the mouth of the latter, being able to carry out trawling, with fly, spinel, among others.
There are also companies with a tradition in fishing, such as Chollinco Lodge, whose tradition in the area has been distinguished by renowned national and international fishermen. It also has accommodation, picnic, ideal for visitors who want to rest and have an intimate contact with nature.

Service providers

Empresa Fono Email
Parque Futangue 9 51970972 [email protected]
Guia de Pesca Llifén +569 57846018 [email protected]
Agrupación de Boteros de Llifén 9 66855843 - 9 76470439 [email protected]
Fundo Chollinco/Chollinco Lodge 9 88163256 [email protected]
Actividades Náuticas Llifén 9 33981338 [email protected]
Parque Huishue 9 44680737 [email protected]
Cumilahue Fly FIshing Lodge 975894631 [email protected]


The Municipality of Futrono is committed to the care and conservation of the territories intended for sport fishing, which is why the emphasis on care with the handling and cleaning of equipment oriented to the practice of this wonderful sport is enhanced. Consequently we require everyone's cooperation to avoid infections and contamination, because of this it is emphasized:
Remove any visible algae in the equipment used that has had contact with water (clothing, boots, boats, vehicles, fishing equipment, etc.)
Dip equipment in abundant water mixed with chlorine and lavalozas. Regarding this, do not return the water used to the river or body of water.
After the above procedure, dry the equipment and items under the sun before using them again (at least 48 hours.)