Hot Springs


Come and enjoy the divers thermal baths present in this territory. Relax and profit from the medicinal properties of these nutrient-rich waters, surrounded by green landscapes. Renew your energy while swimming into the out or indoor pools. The thermal baths are enjoyable every day and all year round. 



èTermas de Llifén Spa

The Llifén Thermal Baths are located on the foothill of the eponymous mount. Among the main services it offers, you find outdoor and indoor thermal pools, intense and relaxing body massages and whirlpool baths. In the cozy restaurant you can taste its delicious cuisine, with the extra benefit of being in the middle of a peaceful and dream landscape. 


-      Location: Futrono district, in the locality of Llifén


-      How to get there: driving by car from Futrono on 20 km of paved road. 


-      Additional services: restaurants – bedrooms – massages – transport (9 persons maximum).


-      Operating hours: all year round, from 10:30 to 21:00 h. 


-      Contact: reception - 63 2 247810 or 966457193 / administration – 998871415, www.termasllifen.clor [email protected]



èTermas de Chihuío Hot Springs

Located in the valley of Curriñe River, this hot spring upwells from the Andes Mountains slopes and is known for its very high temperature and water flow. It is set in a rustic environment, surrounded by endemic vegetation. Come and have a good time bathing in the large outdoor pool or in the individual wooden tubs of coihue. Enhance your experience in this restful spot of the region with walking and great food. 


-      Location: Futrono district, on the way to Maihue Lake, 60 km from the town of Futrono (crossing Blanco River). 


-      Contact: 975685949 or [email protected]


èTermas de Cerrillos Hot Springs

Cerrillos Hot Springs are located in the Caunahue Valley, in the midst of nature. It has a pool carved into the rock right on the spot where the thermal waters flow upwards from the earth. There are other rustic-styled tubs in the open air too. Picnic areas are available to enjoy a meal in contact with the nature. 


-      Location: 24 km from Futrono approximately.