Rural Tourism

Come to be part of rural tourism and live the experience of being a member of a family in the Chilean countryside.

You can experience as farmers and farmers complement their cultivation and production, incorporating deep values such as respect, kindness, cordiality and care for the land, to give you a unique family experience.

Given the breadth of the territory, we can find a great diversity of productive ecosystems, from extensive natural grasslands with isolated Nothofagus groves, where dairy, meat and also small livestock with sheep, goats, free grazing hens and pigs stand out; this is mixed in the route throughout the commune with the cordilleran forests of the farmers, where beekeeping, the collection of wild fruits and mushrooms, organic agro horticulture, fruit orchards and chacarerías stand out, in addition to Processed products (field cheese, jams, preserves, vinegars, delicacies, honey and by-products).

The scenic beauty never ceases to amaze in these places, moreover, you can wake up with the singing of the birds, the noise of the current of a river or the gentle swell of the lake.
When you get up you will enjoy privileged views, you can access beautiful beaches, waterfalls, hot springs or if you are an adventure lover, dare to trek on a summit. For the most extreme you can take an excursion to some volcano or grace the destination.

For rest and overnight you will find a variety of rural accommodation services, such as; agrocampings, rural lodging and cabins. Food services offer a large offer and you can find; customs fairs, cooks, process rooms, fresh vegetable markets, field eggs.
To get in touch with nature you can hire a horseback ride, travel a local path or simply cheer up with a walk.
We invite you to visit our destination and live rural tourism in sectors of the valley such as: Santa Laura, Nontuelá, Las Quinientas, Las Veguitas, Coique, Vista Hermosa; as Pre Cordillera Diolon, Pumol, Quiman Alto, Cerrillos, Caunahue, Llifen and Chollinco and the Cordillera as Cudico, Curriñe, Chabranco, Hueinahue, Maihue, Maqueo and our unmissable Huapi Island.
Come and live the experience of the Rural Futrono!